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The ultimate electric & autonomous,
road-legal answer to urban mobility.

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HFM Busbee® was engineered and designed from ground up to meet the requirements of today’s sharing economy.

Compact, modern Exterior

While maintaining an extremely sleek and modern appearance, Busbee can incorporate modern autonomous driving technologies like LiDAR, Radar and cameras (dependent upon individual configuration).

Full Last-Mile Interior

Depending on your custom configuration, HFM Busbee® can offer up to 8 seats + an additional safety driver seat. With its rugged interior, an optional automatic ramp system, an automatic sliding door, AC cooling & heating, HFM Busbee is well prepared for continuous last-mile operation.


HFM Busbee® is equipped with all the technology to allow for your tailor-made automated driving application.

Modern Sensor Suite

Depending on your individual requirements, HFM Busbee® will be equipped with a sensor suite consisting of LiDAR sensors, Radar sensors, cameras or your individual sensor type for full 360° environmental perception.

(Picture shows Ibeo Lux LiDAR sensor configuration)

Powerful Elaphe® In-Wheel Motors

HFM Busbee® takes advantage of the pinnacle in EV motor development: The in-wheel motor. With two rear-mounted Elaphe® in-wheel motors, Busbee can take advantage of up to 1500Nm of torque with no requirement for a gearbox. Furthermore, HFM Busbee® is recovering energy by using recuperation.

Full Control.

With HFM Busbee®, Safety Driver convenience is at a new level. With a panoramic windshield view, the safety driver is able to easily navigate. The HFM Busbee® Control Display allows for the control of air suspension, the sliding door, lights and driving automation. The triple-redundancy Paravan Spacedrive enables the driver to make highly accurate manual turns using the provided joystick.

Based on certified engineering excellence.

Based on the revolutionary Motionboard®, HFM Busbee®’s development was in accordance with ISO26262 and applicable safety standards inclusive of various layers of redundancy. Busbee® is therefore the only Peoplemover available today to be fully road-legal without limitations.


Let's get movin'

Busbee® is available in multiple seating and options configuration. Wether a 8+1, 4+1 or 2+1 is required, our product experts will find the right solution for you.

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